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Zion's towering red and orange cliffs are a sight to behold. Zion National Park was established in 1919. The canyon is a great place to go on short hikes to see towering cliffs that were formed by Virgin River below. A couple of the most exciting and adventurous hikes in all of the National Parks are located within Zion.

The two most notable hikes are the Narrows, and Angels Landing. The Narrows is a fun hike through the river and into a tight canyon. During most of the hike through the Narrows, you will be ankle deep in water, so be sure the wear shoes that are suitable for the conditions.  Angels Landing is not a trail for the faint of heart. This hike will take you a couple hours, but the view at the end is spectacular. The hike is extremely difficult and has an area where only a small hand railing is saving you from a several hundred foot drop to the canyon below. If you have ANY fear of heights, I would not recommend this hike.

In the Park you might find wild turkeys along the river, or desert bighorn sheep next to the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway. Zion is also known as a place to spot the extremely rare California Condor. The condors will sometimes nest on the ledges of the cliffs. If you see a condor, consider yourself very lucky, because there are very few left in the world.

Zion is a fun place to explore, in an unreal desert canyon.

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