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Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is a strange, yet spectacular looking place. The incredible rock formations are called hoodoos and reach from 5 feet up to 150 feet tall. Hoodoos are scattered around the western region of the United States, but no other place has near as many as Bryce Canyon National Park. Throughout the park, there are amazing lookout spots to see with hoodoos below. Some of the best viewing spots are Sunrise Point, Sunset Point and Bryce Point. Each one of these areas provide an absolutely stunning landscape viewpoint that is otherworldly.

A good hike that I recommend is to the Queen's Garden, starting at Sunrise Point. It is a nice short hike that is not very difficult that goes through many of the hoodoos. There is another trail that connects at the end of the Queen's Garden, that leads to Sunset Point and then past the famous Thor's Hammer Hoodoo. Towards the end of the hike when you are about to reach Sunset Point there is a bit of an incline, but it is manageable as long as you stop and drink some water.

Bryce is a good park to visit in fall or spring, because of the mild temperatures. However, summer and winter are still wonderful times to visit, especially if there is fresh snow in the winter, because it provides a whole new experience with snow-capped hoodoos. There is wildlife in Bryce such as mule deer, desert bighorn and even some elk.

Bryce Canyon is a very unique park that is small in size, but big on scenery. 

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