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Canyonlands National Park is the second least visited park in Utah, but it has some of the most spectacular views that you will ever see. Canyonlands is less than an hour away from Arches, so if you are planning a trip to Arches make sure to put in an extra day to go to Canyonlands. 

Canyonlands has magnificent hikes that are truly inspiring, like the Grand View Point Overlook and the Upheaval Dome. The Grand View Point Overlook has amazing vantage points that tower over the canyon below.  This hike is right along side of a cliff, so I would not recommend this to people who have a big fear of heights. Upheaval Dome is also another great hike with a very bizarre site to see. Part of the canyon looks like an asteroid hit the earth or a dome collapsed.

The most well known spot in the park is Mesa Arch. Mesa Arch hangs over the Buck Canyon. At sunrise the Arch lights up with a beautiful orange glow that illuminates the bottom. There is typically a crowd of photographers huddled around this spot at sunrise, so if you want a good picture you might have to get up early.

Canyonlands is a unique place that was forged by both the Colorado River and the Green River.

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